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The different stages of StackOverflow
1 point:
Wow, I can’t do anything on this site yet! Better ask a question.
100 points:
I can totally upvote questions, comment on everything and really be active! I’m gonna start ramping these points up.
1500 points:
Regardless of your question quality or what the community thinks of you, I WILL be there for you. I WILL give you a thorough answer.
3000 points:
*page refresh* *page refresh* *page refresh*
4000 points:
(On toilet, using smartphone) Ooh, a python question!
(running, pants unbelted, into other room) Argh, I need a full keyboard!
5000 points: What have you tried?
*vote to close*
*page refresh*
*lecture another newcomer*
I have no idea what this question means.
*vote to close*
6500 points:
(Wife, holding baby, looks around corner at user on computer)
*page refresh*
“python newbie – honey dinner is ready”
What the…?

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