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JDI on How to Ask a Good Programming Question

JDI on How to Ask a Good Programming Question published on

The coworker featured in this comic has written a post about the problem with short questions posted to StackOverflow. It is haughty and good.

For those that are immediately inclined to provide the complete code snippet to solve the problem, where do we draw the line? What if the question being asked would need 10 lines of code? 20? 100? And if you are also interested in frequently helping people, would you be willing to provide 5 lines of complete code to 10 people a day, knowing that each person probably didn’t learn much? Furthermore, after having given this individual a quick answer, you have now rewarded their lazy behavior, and more than likely just encouraged them to repeat the bad habit again.

That is all.


Reinventing published on


Justin does research. I just get in the code and splash around. Sometimes this has consequences.

Cookie Emotions

Cookie Emotions published on 2 Comments on Cookie Emotions

...but so bad for you.

Justin has conflicting feelings about the cookies I bake.

I have been baking a lot. Like, one or more batches of cookies a night. It is kind of a problem.

But I find it is a better way to wind down before bed than getting on the Internet, because there is a finite amount of cookie, but an infinite amount of Internet.

However, when I bring them to work, it causes nutrition conflicts for people who want to eat them but don’t want to get fat.

It is the great bougie conflict of our time.

Related: the word bougie is back.

Loud Neighbors

Loud Neighbors published on 5 Comments on Loud Neighbors


I just thought this was a particularly good Justin.

Lady Gaga Debate

Lady Gaga Debate published on

Most important debate ever

Lenna: Lady Gaga, see, I feel like she’s not hot…
Justin: Well, not like model hot…
Lenna: What, like cheerleader hot?
Justin: No, like normal hot.
Lenna: Like you’d have a chance with her?
Justin: No, but she’s more normal; not size 0 hot.
Lenna: There’s no such thing as size 0 hot.

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