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Day 2: The Clean-Up Song

Day 2: The Clean-Up Song

This one’s a Tik-Tok.

Day 1: An Overview

Day 1: An Overview

(Experience this as a TikTok.) “Play is the work of childhood.” – Jean Piaget “[F]or children, play is serious learning.” – Mr. Rogers Adult learning is hard. Fun is important. Is it possible adult...

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Coming Soon: 30 Days of Dopamine

Starting Monday, October 3, 2022, I am going to make you a thing like I have never made you a thing before.

A Short History of Algorithms

A Short History of Algorithms

This “Short History of Algorithms” poem was written in 2019 as a study aid for Big Tech-style coding interviews. It didn’t make me better, but here it is for anyone else who might enjoy...

Ridiculous original gifs

Ridiculous Original Gifs

A few ridiculous original gifs recovered from a file archive. My time wasted goofing off is your gain!

After election what now

Now What?

Don’t get mad. Get busy. (Well, get mad if it helps.) 1) Showing Up for Racial Justice – Facebook . Twitter . Act Now In this moment, white people of conscience need a different...

Jacob Tiberius Dog Woodward dead at 13

Jacob Tiberius Dog Hoke-Woodward – an Obituary

After a long battle with arthritis and kidney disease, Jacob “Jake” Tiberius Dog Hoke-Woodward passed away peacefully on Saturday, July 16, 2016, in his home in Los Angeles, California. He was 13. Jake was...

Dear Self one year after IVF

Dear Self, One Year After IVF

I wrote this April 29, 2015, while waiting to learn the results of my first IVF cycle. It is presented without further edit. It has swears. Hello Self, It’s me—you from a year ago!...

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