Jake the Dog Loafing

No reason. Just Jake. SILVER LEEPS!

Jake vs. Mabari Hound

Jake can watch TV. Jake recognizes animals on TV, especially dogs. Jake has barked at Sprocket on “Fraggle Rock” and at the Storyteller’s Dog on “Jim Henson’s The Storyteller.” Here he barks at Dragon Age.

Jake the Dog — in my absence

I seem not to have actually published this. It is courtesy of Random_Tangent — Jake doing some stuff, like running from the camera, while I was in North Carolina. I missed this dog so moishe it’s not even normal.

Happy Birthday to Jake

Technically it was in November. But thank you, Chatham County Animal Rescue, for bringing a Jake Face into my life.

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na JAKE DANCE

Jake the Dog!

Glenn pointed this out to me — guess what happens when you Google Image Search “Jake the Dog”? AH HA HA HA! WE’RE NUMBER ONE! I RULE.

Jake in a Sweatshirt

My housemate found a hoodie. We didn’t know whose it was. We thought it might be Jake’s. I think we were mistaken. (I promise Glenn’s just lifting his head, not choking him. Poor Jake. He must be a Zen Buddhist.) Also — YEAH that’s my RADSoft Agile Programming Conference T-shirt, converted to a pillow and […]

The Problem with Brushing Jake…

…Is that you never know when you’re done.