Dead Week by Tory Hoke

Dead Week (Remastered)

Back and now mobile-friendly for your Halloween enjoyment! Evil is at the door.

DEAD WEEK (Remastered): the week before final exams, college roommates face a horror they may not survive.

“Dead Week” is an interactive horror webtoon with audio, playable in English or Korean. Headphones and a modern browser on a desktop computer are recommended for the best experience.


Twine is a platform for making interactive fiction—stories integrated with choice, picture, and sound. If you like IF, you might be interested in sub-Q Magazine.

submit to sub-Q Magazine

Submit to sub-Q Magazine

submit to sub-Q Magazine

Hey! So I founded sub-Q, a magazine for interactive fiction. It pays pro rates. It needs submissions. It needs them REAL BAD.

Have you dabbled in Twine? Played with Inform? Messed around with hypertext fiction or CYOA?

Then sub-Q needs you.

What is sub-Q?

This 90-second video demonstrates how we work:

Our Mission

We seek to promote all forms of interactive fiction by

  1. Increasing the visibility of IF
  2. Growing the market for short- and long-form works
  3. Supporting the development of open platforms
  4. Compensating content creators

We encourage work from creators of color, creators from the QUILTBAG community, and creators with disabilities. Intersectionality welcome. Internationality welcome.

Our Content

We release a work of interactive fiction every Tuesday. We publish original and reprint works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, weird tales, magic realism, and mash-ups.

Most Thursdays we publish interviews, news, and tutorials.

We want smart, fun, and unexpected.


Interested? Go to our submissions page go there now go there right now!



today is the day


Twine icon

A Barbarian at the Gate: Five Ways to Protect Twine’s Village from the Coming Invasion

Twine icon

This article originally appeared at Storycade on October 7, 2014

I’m not the most curious pup in the litter. When Michael Lutz’s “My Father’s Long, Long Legs” hit MetaFilter last November and scorched my brain stem, I assumed it was the thousand-hour effort of a lone HTML5 gunman. I even glanced at the source, thought, “Huh. Never heard of ‘Twee’,” and didn’t even bother to Google it. This pup stayed in the crate.

Imagine my shock this month when a more astute acquaintance explained that, like MyFLLL, hundreds of enhanced fiction experiences are being created on the open-source, beloved, and blossoming platform of Twine. The possibilities of Twine are exhilarating. Its future is glorious. I’m convinced teeming hordes are going to want in, and they’re coming. If a late adopter like me is at your gate, the barbarians are on the march.


Ziva's Conjury Mart

Ziva’s Conjury Mart

Ziva's Conjury Mart

Twine is a platform for making interactive fiction–stories integrated with choice, picture, and sound. It’s pretty great. I’ll explain more later, but first I made you a present:

PLAY Ziva’s Conjury Mart

(Tested on OSX in Chrome and Safari, and on Windows in Chrome and IE. However audio doesn’t appear to load in iOS. Sorry. Working to resolve.)

Do you make Twine things, too? Would you like some audio macros with volume controls and seamless loops? Have I got the link for you:

sqTwineSound audio macros — source and downloads

Want to know how to use these audio macros? This delicious demo will explain:

sqTwineSound demo

I listened to so much accordion making these. So. Much. Accordion.


Apex Magazine Issue 61 cover Bleef

“Muscle Memory” available at Seizure Online, “Bleef” appears on June cover of Apex

“Muscle Memory” is available to read at Seizure Online. In it, a hard-working man’s body walks out on him, one piece at a time. David Henley provided the illustration, which is most excellent.

Working with editor Portia Lindsay was a treat and an education. Many thanks to Seizure for inviting me aboard.

Apex Magazine Issue 61 cover Bleef

Also my color illustration “Bleef” appears on the cover of Issue 61 of Apex Magazine.

Sincere thanks to Editor-in-Chief Sigrid Ellis for the invitation, and to Loraine Sammy for the interview that was so much fun it made me arm-flail a little.

The Body in the Narrows Three-Lobed Burning Eye

“The Body in the Narrows” and “Alpha” accepted

The Body in the Narrows Three-Lobed Burning Eye

“The Body in the Narrows” has been accepted by Three-lobed Burning Eye. In it, an abused child finds courage when she falls in love with a corpse.

Also in the past week, Dragon’s Roost Press Anthology to Benefit Canine Rescue accepted “Alpha”: when aliens invade his neighborhood, a family dog must bridge the communication gap.

Neither of these stories were anywhere near where they needed to be until I workshopped them at Scribophile.

If you ever wanted to write and sell a story, I recommend Scribophile for critiques and Duotrope for finding a market. I’d be lost without them.

You better believe I’m grateful to be here and working with you fine people.

Thank you for stopping by.

“Demeter Gyro Disaster” is out in Isotropic Fiction 10

Isotropic Fiction 10 Michael Ellis Tory Hoke

Isotropic Fiction 10 is out, featuring my sci-fi short story “The Demeter Gyro Disaster”:

The gyro caught fire. Not the whole station, strictly speaking, but the compartments with air and climate control and other things Dennis was partial to. At the kitchenette’s canopy window, he watched it burn. Smoke puffed out of the opposite inner rim as if a passing giant had stumbled onto their big spinning wheel and stuck a cosmic cigar butt in it.

Cover art by Michael Ellis of New Mexico’s 7000 BC art collective.

Available for Kindle.

A thousand thanks to Managing Editor Lucas Ahlsen and to Joseph Thompson for inviting me to onto their spinning life raft. It’s a treat to be aboard.

“Lysistrata of Mars” accepted by Strange Horizons

JPL Mars Rover Twin Peaks

“Lysistrata of Mars” will appear in a winter issue of Strange Horizons.

I am pretty freaked out by this.

This story would not have gone anywhere without the guidance of an Extremely Handsome Man and critiques from the Scribophile community, which continues to help me overcome bad habits and excessive word counts. If you are there, come by and say ‘hey.’

Duotrope has been invaluable for tracking submissions, for there have been a lot of submissions. A lot.

If you have an idea and are thinking about writing… if you have a story and are thinking about showing it to someone… if you have shown it to someone and are thinking about submitting it… DO IT.