Fantasy Costume Designs

A Good Orc Thousand Skull Gorge

I was writing and trying to figure out what characters were wearing. Corsets in a sub-tropical setting? No. Time for fantasy costume designs.

The guy in the middle has health problems

The guy in the middle has health problems

(On the left you see a Skywalker situation. Not intended. Not avoidable.)

I started doing research on the Edo period because 1) it is awesome and 2) its political structure and technology really gets the creative juices flowing. What do rich people wear when it’s friggin’ hot? What do the common people wear? Where do the textiles come from? Why?

Letting out some Edo

Letting out some Edo

But then I was all like, oh Edo, that’s so cliché. Let’s try to look at some other cultures.

Then I realized that I thought costumes look either “European” or “Japanese” because I totally didn’t understand the subtleties of historical dress.

And I still don’t. But I do respect now that the rabbit hole of high-tech, warm-climate historical costume goes very very deep, and just because a garment has layers and bell sleeves doesn’t make it Japanese.

I did just enough reading to crib and steal and think a little about function and source, but not too much, because 80/20 rule.

Petyr Littlefinger up in this piece

Petyr Littlefinger up in this piece

One of these things is not like the others

One of these things is not like the others

Learning is hard, but I will try to keep doing it.

Motte and Bailey prototypes

You remember “Crow Stew”?

Well, I was digging through my sketchbook and found the Motte and Bailey prototypes.

Height differential remains the same

Height differential remains the same

Trying out facial expressions

Trying out facial expressions

Ugtred the Orc used to be human.

This design voiced by Gaston instead of Grover

This design voiced by Gaston instead of Grover

Sort of a handsome man thing. Totally different dynamic. Same suit size, though.

There never was a fairy in the script so I’m not sure why I drew a fairy. Funsies!

Motte and Bailey Walk Cycle Tests

Motte and Bailey walk cycle test

In the course of defending their lunch, Motte and Bailey and the orks needed to get around. Toon Boom makes it easy to drop in walk cycle frames. I just had to figure out how to do the walks.


A little spring in her step. After this, I would have put skirts on everyone if I could have.


A little jaunty. A little nervous. He’d rather be at home.

An Ork

This guy ended up not making the cut, but I enjoyed trying to give him some ‘tude. And maybe a stiff knee. This ork has seen some stuff.

This lip sync test also exists and will until YouTube figures out my total lack of rights to Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time.” (Did you know Billy Joel sang all the parts? So the guys in the video are but avatars? Weird. Eerie.)

(Audio is high. Foley is absent. I am not an editor. This may be obvious.)

Motte and Bailey: Crow Stew

Motte and Bailey - Crow Stew

It’s here! Please enjoy this animated short that me and Jeremy did.

It is less than four minutes long. It just wants to make you happy. You should watch it. No pressure.



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