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Dead Week by Tory Hoke

Dead Week (Remastered)

Back and now mobile-friendly for your Halloween enjoyment! Evil is at the door. DEAD WEEK (Remastered): the week before final exams, college roommates face a horror they may not survive. “Dead Week” is an...

B is for Broken Cover Reveal

It’s here! Earlier this year I worked with Rhonda Parrish on the cover and interior illustrations of her new alphabet anthology B is for Broken, to be released May 26. And now the art...

Dragon Age Inquisition: Missing Tarot Cards

Thanks to inspiration from /u/YouLeaveMeNoChoice and /u/Shady_Intent, here are seven of the missing eight tarot cards from Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’m still working on Josephine’s romance card. I made one, it just turned out...

Dead Week

Dead Week

I promise this is the scariest interactive horror webtoon about final exams you’ll play today. Beware of watching while alone at home. PLAY Dead Week (Tested on OSX in Chrome and Safari, and on...

Paint Spill Tory Hoke

Paint Spill

Sometimes you run into a tiny person made of fire. This piece and more can be found in my portfolio.

River Baby Tory Hoke

River Baby

I don’t know why. This piece and more can be found in my portfolio.

Potter Meets World

Potter Meets World

A friend realized that the main characters of “Boy Meets World” are the same archetypes as Harry Potter. Then stuff happened.



Abrahamic cycle complete. They are teal lions with pointed ears because they are SPACE LIONS. Underdrawing below, cos it was real different, but then there was drybrush, and stuff happened. I hope that is...

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