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Chainsaw Jenn

Chainsaw Jenn published on

Still hotter as a torso than most chicks are with legs

Now that I have a nice tidy blog that doesn’t have comments full of ads for Niagara and Tryptophan and whatevs, I have the uncontrollable impulse to post. Post, I say!

What better to post than pictures of an FX makeup project by me and my partner in crime, Jenn. We sort of share a brain, so it made sense to rectify the fractions issue by cutting her in half.

To Facebook! Chainsaw Jenn

Note the recurring theme of me torturing Jenn. Pink belly, plaster in the navel, cold hog guts touching skin… if it would make Bruce Campbell throw up in his mouth, I tried doing it to Jenn.

Eventually I’ll get me Flickr together for the photos issue, but not today… no… not today.

Makeup Effects

Makeup Effects published on No Comments on Makeup Effects

Liquid latex + fake blood = too much fun. And we haven’t even busted out the nose wax yet.

Makeup Effects Gallery

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