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ventriduct 2


v. to bring towards the belly (usually medical, meaning to bend a patient’s head forward) After abdominal surgery, one may find oneself unable to ventriduct one’s head.

toison 0


n. lamb’s wool A poodle’s toison hair is not only soft but also hypoallergenic.

requiescat 0


n. prayer for the dead “Rest in Peace” is the English translation of requiēscat in pāce.

kimkhab 0


n. Indian silk brocade with gold and silver threads (also kincob) In addition to the gold jewelry, the bride’s resplendent gown of scarlet kimkhab must have weighed nearly twenty pounds.

hypocorism 0


n. pet name; use of pet names In the multi-lingual crowd, the cuteness of the dog inspired diverse hypocorism of her name.

pogonip 0


n. fog of ice particles (from the Shoshone word payinappih) A haze of pogonip is dramatic and beautiful so long as you have somewhere warm to view it.

pip emma 0

pip emma

adj. -adv. World War One signaller’s slang for post meridiem To sound dignified and old-timey, refer to the afternoon as “pip emma.”

malacophonous 0


adj. soft-voiced The heart of Airplane! is the gentle, malacophonous Julie Hagerty.

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