Jacob Tiberius Dog Hoke-Woodward – an Obituary

Jacob Tiberius Dog Woodward dead at 13

After a long battle with arthritis and kidney disease, Jacob “Jake” Tiberius Dog Hoke-Woodward passed away peacefully on Saturday, July 16, 2016, in his home in Los Angeles, California. He was 13.

Jake was born in Chatham County, NC, in November 2002. Along with three siblings, he was rescued by Chatham County Animal Rescue and foster mom Beate. The only black dog—and fearful of strangers—he was last in the litter to be adopted, but in spring 2003 he joined his forever home with Tory Hoke in Durham, NC.

Jake was distinguished by extremely soft black fur, a round head, square muzzle, triangle ears, and—in later life—a gentlemanly silver Van Dyke beard. He was not that into laps, hugs, or photography, and he was very afraid of lightning, however he enjoyed tennis balls, peanut butter jars, and dogs on TV.

A well-traveled dog, he spent four years in Winston-Salem and visited New York, NY; Franklin, NC; Memphis, TN; and Albuquerque, NM before settling in Los Angeles, CA for his final eight years.

Even-tempered and gentle, he got along with a variety of animal housemates, including Kiwi the German shepherd, Speedo the cat, Grace the cat, Boris and Kona the boxers, and three rescued golden retriever puppies. Reliably, at the dog park, whenever a scuffle would break out, he would be nowhere near it.

He was a good dog. He was a very, very good dog.

His death was attended by Serenity Veterinary Care and Peaceful Pets Aquamation.

Jake is survived by his forever-mother Tory Hoke, adoptive father Jeremy Woodward, and cat-brother Gustopher Blume Hoke-Woodward.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made in Jake’s name to Chatham County Animal Rescue.

You can read more about Jake in previous posts on this blog.


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