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Mamacita Maxima – Yelling is excellent for assaults or creeps from strangers, but I can’t see this as a solution for a kid getting bullied. When you have to go to school with your attacker, you need long-term solutions. And self-defense works. Fortunately a bully is a different thing from a murderer.

freethoughtmom – I like your ideas about anger. I’m working on a comic about feelings — having them, recognizing them, expressing them — and I hope to explore the broader scope of dealing with anger there. Thank you for your feedback!

Hi Tory, I like your drawing style, how you get expression out of a set of eyes!

Why do you think that (male) bullies have low self-esteem? Isn’t it more likely that s-word again, shame? (you’ll see what I mean by googling ‘bullies self-esteem’).

Have you ever heard a teenager with the ability to say ‘I am angry with you because …’? Usually we teach our girls to “nicely” suppress anger and not voice it. The book _Odd Girl Out_ brilliantly makes the case that this is the cause of female verbal bullying that we all remember from middle school.

Thanks for listening.

Not so sure about the fighting back, except in extremis. I mean, what happens when the bully takes that as a cue to pull out a shiv? I recommend bellowing like a banshee. If nothing else, it draws attention to the situation and it’s amazing how people are deterred by facing a maniac.

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