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Maya 2011 and pv_performAction.mel

Maya 2011 and pv_performAction.mel published on


Are you using Maya 2011?

Did you customize pv_performAction.mel in Maya 2009, and now your customization is not getting called?

Don’t worry. What you want to do is override FileMenu.mel. That’s the new save action hook.

Assuming you’re on a Mac, it’s at /Applications/Autodesk/maya2011/

I’d say “you’re welcome” but it was Justin that figured it out.


Lies published on

I'm especially proud of the middle-distance stare

Blue Shield — The Reckoning

Blue Shield — The Reckoning published on

I called their customer service number, reached a human, and he got to the bottom of the problem, bing-bang-boom. I should be getting the final refund as a check within the next week.

Maybe I shoulda just tried their standard customer service phone number a month ago. OH WELL. Writing letters is fun.

Jake vs. Mabari Hound

Jake vs. Mabari Hound published on 2 Comments on Jake vs. Mabari Hound

Jake can watch TV.

Jake recognizes animals on TV, especially dogs.

Jake has barked at Sprocket on “Fraggle Rock” and at the Storyteller’s Dog on “Jim Henson’s The Storyteller.”

Here he barks at Dragon Age.

Dear Firefox

Dear Firefox published on

Your browser is amusing for developers, but when my PC-using Mom resorts to your product because her Internet Explorer asplode, and each one of her computers manifested a separate bizarre, Google-requiring bug, that makes me mock you on the Interweb.

One was Firefox failing to remember form data because of an add-on she had enabled (something totally obscure like, you know, Flash, or Java). Apparently the solution to that is to disable Add-Ons and turn them on one-by-one to see which one is the problem.

The other — which really made me LoL — is that if you type in a text edit field in Firefox in Vista you can’t successfully enter an apostrophe or navigate with the arrow keys. An apostrophe will throw you into the quick search form at the bottom of the browser.

You would not believe the expressions you cannot use if you do not have apostrophes.

Still working on that one.


Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie published on

Happy Thanksgiving! I made you a present:

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, redux

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, redux published on

I think I finally get what I didn’t get before.

This is why rich cultures are more progressive than broke cultures, right?

Not because of religion or habit or liking freedom, but just because it is rich enough?

I’m reading The Predictioneer’s Game and it is asploding my brain.

More to come.

Al Franken rules my world

Al Franken rules my world published on 5 Comments on Al Franken rules my world

(As seen on BoingBoing)

1) I can trace my interest in ANY political current events to Al Franken and Arianna Huffington doing “Strange Bedfellows” on the Daily Show Politically Incorrect during Comedy Central’s 1996 presidential campain coverage. (That was back when Franken was just a comedian and Huffington was a right-winger. Crazy times!)

2) I want to see what Elizabeth Edwards (seen at the top of the clip) had to say. Elizabeth Edwards rocks my universe.

3) Our health care system is super broken. If whatever fix we arrive at has any teeth at all it will have improvements and problems, and the improvements will be bigger than the problems.

It is impossible for me to imagine that any fix could cause death panels, doctor shortages or other works of fiction.

I do see a problem with comparing America’s situation to that of Switzerland, France, Germany, etc., and that is that America is FREAKIN’ HUGE. It’s like the difference between steering a car and steering a cruise liner. Not that it can’t be done — but this seems like a state is better equipped to organize public health care on the scale that a European country does.

Can America do public health care like we do public schools? What would that be like? Do I even know what I’m talking about?

I don’t know. I DON’T know.

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