Death of Sexy: Snow Princess

sexy snow white

Okay, I sort of get a sexy Snow White. Like a sexy nun. You take something deliberately chaste, and then make it sexy. Oh, transgression!

The problems with this costume in pertick:

  • Too many frickin’ bows. Seriously. Too many. Incidentally, the stockings aren’t included, so in spirit the costume only involves FIVE BRIGHT RED BOWS. But you know there are more bows on the back. YOU KNOW IT.
  • Speaking of stockings not being included, this getup is $55 for the top, skirt, sleeves and headband. That is two weeks of groceries for a garment to be worn once, affording no protection from the elements. Money fail.
  • It’s kind of amazing that this reads as Snow White at all, though it does. Maybe it is all the bows.
  • Use of “naughty” instead of “sexy.” Yes, thank you for the assigned morality, today I was feeling way too in control of my own body.

A-a-a-and SPENT.


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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1 Response

  1. The apple candy basket was a nice touch, you’ve got to admit.

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