Weird vocabulary words illustrated with examples.


sprag published on No Comments on sprag

n. Metal or wooden bar wedged between spokes or under a wheel to keep a vehicle from rolling In the night, the offended scout came back to kick up the sprag of the Millers’ wagon and send them rolling downhill.


engrailment published on 2 Comments on engrailment

n. A ring of dots or notches around the edge of a coin or medal A little engrailment goes a long way toward preventing counterfeits.


illutation published on No Comments on illutation

n. Mud bath! For humans, the application of a mud to the face or body for bathing purposes After a morning constitutional and illutation, Flora the Pig went to lunch.


teg published on No Comments on teg

n. A sheep in its second year (or before its first shearing); the fleece of such a sheep Og wandered out of his cave wearing three-months of beard, denim cut-offs and a teg on one shoulder.


threnodic published on No Comments on threnodic

adj. mournful (derived from threnody: a poem or song of lamentation) If there’s a song more threnodic than The Cure’s “Apart,” I’m not sure I’d like to hear it.


siserary published on No Comments on siserary

n. a scolding; a hard blow; a loud noise When Duncan crawled home at 3:00 AM, the siserary he received from his wife nearly made him go right back out again.


farrago published on No Comments on farrago

n. confused mixture; mish-mash; assortment Overcooked, my crockpot stuffing turned into a farrago of carrot mush and burned bread chunks.


inhaust published on No Comments on inhaust

v. imbibe; drink; take in Lumberjack Bill briefly returned from the woods to inhaust a gallon of water and head out again.