Weird vocabulary words illustrated with examples.


secretagogue published on No Comments on secretagogue

n. agent that stimulates secretion (usually of a hormone) In the gym, the bodybuilders passed ammonia snaps and lemon-flavored secretagogue packets.


arctophile published on 2 Comments on arctophile

n. collector of teddy bears! The condition of Aunt Peg’s guest bedroom indicates she is an active arctophile.


mordacious published on No Comments on mordacious

adj. inclined to bite; caustic; sarcastic Beware the mordacious donkey!


rogatory published on No Comments on rogatory

adj. seeking information (usually for legal proceedings) James Bond has no idea how many letters rogatory the legal proceedings following his antics require.


polyergic published on No Comments on polyergic

adj. multi-purpose; having multiple functions I hate to think of what campers had to pack before the polyergic Swiss Army knife was invented.


sordor published on No Comments on sordor

n. filth, refuse; dregs; moral sordidness To find it, I had to sift through the sordor of two weeks’ kitchen trash.


hypactic published on No Comments on hypactic

adj. purgative; cathartic I find singing along to Pearl Jam to be highly hypactic.

mirabile dictu

mirabile dictu published on No Comments on mirabile dictu

phr. wonderful to relate; amazing to say (Latin) For two weeks after meeting Cinderella at Disneyland, three-year-old Maggie shared this mirabile dictu with anyone who would listen.