Verizon + Google = Temptation

I have a cheap phone that I’ve had for three years.

I have Verizon.

I’ve been eyeballing an iPhone but I’ve been putting off getting one because I like Verizon and my current phone hasn’t been doing me any harm — aside from the fact that the only charger that works with it is my car charger.

But now.

Verizon will offer two Google phones this year.

And I am deeply, romantically in love with Google.

What is a girl to do? Random_Tangent says “android’s kinda crummy,” but I welcome my new Google overlords.

Review. Discuss.


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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7 Responses

  1. Your Anomalous Fan says:

    Fourteen? Really? Did your phone just come with one really big button or something? That’s a failure in development that just borders on epic.

    (Yes. I just said “epic fail.” I apologize.)

    • Tory says:

      You can hit “snooze” easily, and if I memorized the menu numbers I could probably do it in fewer clicks.

      It only takes twelve clicks to turn the alarm back on.

      Also — there is nothing wrong with “epic fail” except, you know, its definition.

  2. Tory says:

    DAG. Thank you, everyone! When y’all share knowledge and experience, you don’t mess around!

    Whatever I get will be a big step up from my phone that, as a f’rinstance, takes fourteen button-presses to turn my alarm off. FOURTEEN.

  3. I wasn’t hating on google, just pointing out that Android isn’t anywhere near where it would need to be to actually compete with the iPhone user experience.

    The iPhone hardware and OS were developed in concert. Nobody on the market today comes close to replicating the sheer enjoyment of using the iPhone. Which is nuts, it is a phone, fun doesn’t normally enter in to it.

  4. Sarah says:

    I don’t know what Verizon does, but I drooled over the T-Mobile androids a couple weeks ago and ALL (okay, all two) of them have super expensive required data plans. $25 extra bucks a month. I went with an HTC Shadow, because the data plan wasn’t required, and I am satisfied with using extra features only when wifi is available. Also, it has wifi calling. Have you heard about wifi calling greatness? I get crappy reception in my house, but now it makes calls through my wifi and life is awesome.

    Drew- stop hating on muh google.

  5. Leo says:

    If you need a phone nowish, then there is only one choice-the iPhone. It is awesome now, and the move to a modern smartphone will blow your mind. Android and Verizon announcing a deal without a handset maker is not a good sign for your immediate needs. Eric Schmidt is clearly holding an HTC Hero in all the photo-ops today, so phone 1 of the year will be an HTC Hero. This is an adequate phone, but google had little special to do with its development beyond Android; this will just tease your relationship with Google, but leave you unsatisfied. The second phone could have a much larger Google influence. We can assume that it will have a great UI and software because of Google augmenting standard Android, but right now it is vaporware without any evidence that a decent hardware team is involved. Verizon’s smartphone selection is the worst around, and their reliance on CDMA will maintain its poor hardware choices in the near term (despite way better service). In two years when your iPhone contract is up, there will be a ton of choices. At that time you can go with whoever has the best Android/WebOs/iPhone smartphone, but every day you delay your current decision will just delay the gratification you get with both of your next two phones. Right now, I still think the iPhone will be on top in two years because it is the only company with solid hardware and software, and it will probably be on all compatible carriers by then…

  6. Adri says:

    Go for google! I’ve been drooling over Tmobile’s Android phones once they were released (one month after I got duped into getting my POS Sidekick). Get one and let me live vicariously through you until my contract is up!

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