Ridiculous Original Gifs

I was cleaning up a file archive and recovered some ridiculous original gifs that are at least five years old. Yes, I had down time back then. Yes, I was on Reddit a lot. Yes, I rotoscoped all those little orange arrows.


My leads’ reaction when they let me talk in front of the client

MRW it’s time for dirty work

MRW thanks but no thanks

MRW someone wants to show me a new API

MRW I forget to toggle the loop setting of my gif

MRW it’s time to watch Dr. Horrible

MRW it’s too good to be true

MRW my best laid plans come to no fruition

MRW my husband asks who farted

MRW I solve a tech problem by turning it off and back on again

MRW it doesn’t work

MRW I learn how to rotoscope

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