Meddling Auntie Comics

Meddling Auntie Comics are here! These comics help families break the ice on sensitive subjects. Whether the tough topic is puberty, bullies, drugs, perverts, or even learning to trust your gut, the only wrong way to talk to a kid you love is not to talk at all. Meddling Auntie Comics can help you get started.

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Meddling Auntie presents Puberty

Puberty is a difficult time of life. Talking about it makes it easier. Be the one your kids can turn to with the tough questions.

Meddling Auntie presents Bullies

Bullies are hard to deal with. Even the experts don’t have all the answers. The first best solution is to talk about it.

Meddling Auntie presents Perverts

How do you talk to your kids about perverts without scaring them — or scaring yourself? The good news is you can.

Meddling Auntie presents Drugs

When you want to talk to a kid you love about drugs, what do you say? Where do you start? I hope this comic helps open up the subject.

Meddling Auntie presents Your Gut
Your Gut

Why should you talk to your kids about trusting their gut? With their own conscience and intuition, they can face any conflict with courage and calm.

You may be wondering…