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Ridiculous original gifs

Ridiculous Original Gifs

A few ridiculous original gifs recovered from a file archive. My time wasted goofing off is your gain!


28 Silly Things About Interstellar

Oh my. I don’t always have beefs. I saw Big Hero 6 this weekend and was rendered nearly beefless. But the thing about beefs is once you have one good beef core, more beefs...

ghoul with a pearl earring

Ghoul with a Pearl Earring

I am mostly sorry about this.

Dan Brown angel fanfic

The Five Days of Rehash – If Famous Authors Wrote Fanfic

While I am AFK this week, you may enjoy this category from the vault: If Famous Authors Wrote Fanfic. What if Dan Brown worked on his Angel headcanon? In the splendid dome of the...

Motte and Bailey: Crow Stew

Motte and Bailey: Crow Stew

It’s here! Please enjoy this animated short that me and Jeremy did. It is less than four minutes long. It just wants to make you happy. You should watch it. No pressure.

Ask a Mad Scientist – Dr. Berm, Part 1

Ask a Mad Scientist – Dr. Berm, Part 1

The first part of an exclusive interview series with the very finest mad scientists in the business. More may come. Be advised.

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