PSA: Domain Names

Yesterday I wanted to register a domain name. I didn’t have a preferred seller, so I rolled on over to

They wanted $38 for just a domain name for a year.

Domain names cost $5 – $8. And a domain is a domain is a domain. It’s not like a cheeseburger, where a couple extra bucks gets you some avocado or aioli. Who you buy from just depends on whose site is the least annoying to navigate.

So I immediately went somewhere else ( to buy the domain. At this point, already had my email address.

An hour after I ran away from their ridiculous price, they sent me this:

Still more than $5.

Yay! So by rejecting a price six times what the thing is worth, I’m immediately offered a price merely three times what the thing is worth! What am I buying, a diamond?

I am new to this “research before you buy” thing, but so far it is working out nice.


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