Death of Sexy: Indians

While these might lack the essential cognitive dissonance of a sexy SpongeBob, their fetishization of a living culture is still something special. That the living culture has such a grim history merely compounds the discomfort. I would have a real hard time socializing with someone wearing one of these:

sexy indian 1
You know, this hair style was actually preferred by the MEN of certain plains Indian tribes. This casts into doubt the authenticity of the entire piece.

sexy indian 2
It does beg the question — what shoes are suitable for a “sexy Indian” costume? Do they make high-heeled moccasins? No? Then I guess it’s gotta be clear heels. Somewhere Chris Rock just got a pee shiver and doesn’t know why.

The tiny tomahawk sells it, like, “Hey, what are you supposed to be? Ohhhh, I didn’t see your tiny tomahawk.” These are the kinds of accessories that get left on the bar about twenty minutes into the evening.

sexy indian 3
Wow — Inga’s going straight to aitch-ee-double-hockey-sticks for this number. Do you think the photographer asked her to do that thing with her hand and mouth? Or do you think she improvised that on the day of the shoot? What do you even call that thing? That Hanna-Barbera animated Indian thing? Either way, I’m impressed. No, not impressed — the other one. Horrified.


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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  1. Does that nordic freakshow have a thumb on her foot?

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