Animation Discussion

therandomtangent: Cars 2? What? WHAT?
therandomtangent: Newt will be Pixar’s film in 2011, and it comes with this description: “What happens when the last remaining male and female blue-footed newts on the planet are forced together by science to save the species, and they can’t stand each other?
therandomtangent: And as I get ready for work: here’s a free skeletor poster.
ShandasRobots: ibb
ShandasRobots: ha ha ha
ShandasRobots: ossome
ShandasRobots: cars 2? I was not that into cars.
ShandasRobots: Didn’t really do it for me
therandomtangent: Yeah exactly
therandomtangent: Cars would’ve been a great dreamworks movie
ShandasRobots: But madd Newt amusement
ShandasRobots: due to sexual content
ShandasRobots: aaaah
ShandasRobots: p’raps
therandomtangent: but from pixar
therandomtangent: it was a meh
ShandasRobots: trews
ShandasRobots: no sooooul
ShandasRobots: stakes not high enough
ShandasRobots: dubious political subtext
therandomtangent: Also, the whole sentient cars murdering the human race angle was never examined
ShandasRobots: (cars = awesome, nostalgic)
ShandasRobots: HA HA HA HA
therandomtangent: How did they do it? Why did they do it?
therandomtangent: did the bodies fill the grand canyon?
ShandasRobots: And when will it happen?
therandomtangent: Cars 2: Judgement Day
ShandasRobots: TUN-TUN TUN TUN-TUN
ShandasRobots: Meeerneneeeeeer..>!
ShandasRobots: (My impression of theme song)
therandomtangent: I could tel
therandomtangent: l
ShandasRobots: Why is it that T2 gets me every time
ShandasRobots: AT THE THUMBS UP
ShandasRobots: Nevar before
ShandasRobots: Never after
ShandasRobots: always RIGHT THERE
ShandasRobots: That stuff FASSINATES ME
ShandasRobots: Forrest Gump – always at the same part
ShandasRobots: Gladiator — always at the same part
ShandasRobots: no matter where I come in
therandomtangent: heheh
ShandasRobots: Am watching Disney animated mouvies
ShandasRobots: and fascinated with why they *don’t* work
ShandasRobots: at least not on Pixar levels
ShandasRobots: Like Tarzan
ShandasRobots: Got everything going for it
ShandasRobots: on paper
therandomtangent: yeah
ShandasRobots: but emotionally — well
ShandasRobots: The scene where Tarzan’s mom takes him to his parents’ place is brutal
ShandasRobots: but Disney flinches, and cuts it off before it cuts too deep
ShandasRobots: and leaves out the actual separation (bye, honey. Never see you again. Hugs and kisses)
ShandasRobots: Whereas
therandomtangent: Yeah, they play chicken with their stories and always bail
ShandasRobots: Finding Nemo is like F*CK YOUR EMOTIONS!
ShandasRobots: WE WILL KILL THEM
ShandasRobots: Yeah!
ShandasRobots: mebbe that’s it
ShandasRobots: They run backward
ShandasRobots: when they used to kill Bambi’s mother
ShandasRobots: And it is hella hypocritical when the hero refuses to kill the villain
ShandasRobots: so the movie does the killing for us
ShandasRobots: Final Destination style
ShandasRobots: like, yes, we know you want blood
ShandasRobots: so we’ll allow you to be bloodthirsty
ShandasRobots: while keeping our hero innocent
therandomtangent: Yeah, Sleeping Beauty should’ve gotten medieval
ShandasRobots: ha ha ha
ShandasRobots: Bettar to have villain killed by own hubris, such as Bug’s Life
ShandasRobots: or not at all, like Return to Oz
ShandasRobots: or p’raps a villain who’s actually a character!
ShandasRobots: Like Ratatouille!
ShandasRobots: Or no villain at all!
ShandasRobots: Like Finding Nemo!
ShandasRobots: MADNESS
therandomtangent: Villain killed by his own hubris 2: Lion King
ShandasRobots: riiiight
ShandasRobots: me gusta
ShandasRobots: I f*ckin’ LOVE it
ShandasRobots: when villains turn on each other
ShandasRobots: That’s why the bad guys lose
ShandasRobots: because they’re only out for themselves
ShandasRobots: and allying yourself with someone only out for themselves (Jayne)
ShandasRobots: always comes back to bite you
ShandasRobots: LEETERALLY
ShandasRobots: At least Eric got to stab Ursula with a ship
ShandasRobots: Now that is badass
therandomtangent: I forgot about that
ShandasRobots: Beast couldn’t really kill Gaston, cos the whole point is he isn’t beasty
ShandasRobots: but Belle could have
ShandasRobots: ha ha ha
ShandasRobots: He was sorta killed by hubris
ShandasRobots: Don’t forget about Eric!
ShandasRobots: That’s like forgetting about Dre
ShandasRobots: Best hubris/villain ending ever: Aladdin
therandomtangent: Gaston should’ve been ripped in half
ShandasRobots: woh
ShandasRobots: why?
therandomtangent: It would’ve been funny + scarring for small children
ShandasRobots: I would have gone with “horribly disfigured”
ShandasRobots: That’s the Grimmin me
ShandasRobots: ha ha ha
therandomtangent: I guess
therandomtangent: The little wormy guy whose name escapes me all weeping and trying to tell him it’s not that bad
ShandasRobots: ha ha
ShandasRobots: Le Fou
ShandasRobots: ha ha ha ha
ShandasRobots: Make him uglier than Le Fou!
ShandasRobots: A la Freaks
ShandasRobots: WE ACCEPT HIM!
therandomtangent: Gabba gabba
ShandasRobots: ha ha ha ha


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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5 Responses

  1. Random_Tangent says:

    Nothing wrong, unless you count a awesome deficiency as a problem.

    Which I DO.

    Watch your Rifftrax.

  2. Tory says:

    Something wrong with Joel? Huh? HUH?

  3. Random_Tangent says:

    Uh, I think you mean the MIKE to your Crow.


  4. Tory says:



    Indeed, you are the Joel to my Crow in this exchange.

  5. Lack of timestamps makes it seem like I’m quiet and disguises the fact that you sometimes type like a kid who ate a gallon of pixie sticks.

    Also I was distracted looking up Forrest Gump quotes.

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