Obama vs. the Kool-Aid

No wonder that some [White House] officials have occasionally found themselves thinking heretical thoughts. “From the crassest political viewpoint, we would be better off if we had 25 fewer House members, if those marginal seats were held by the Republicans right now,” one told me last fall. “Then we’d have 25 people who, instead of feeling like they have to demonstrate their independence by being independent of us, they’d have to demonstrate it by being independent of the Republican leadership, which means we could be bi-partisan on everything.”

The Lesson of Scott Brown’s Election — New York Magazine

Very interesting article. Lucky that Barack Obama is a golden god — young, beautiful, master orator, scandal-free in an unprecedented way — so he may be successful the in major peeing-up-a-rope he has undertaken.

Two wars?

Near-zombocalypse financial meltdown?

Massive budget deficit created by George W. Bush’s face-palming incompetence? (If you want a balanced budget, elect a Democrat.)

A Democratic party full of wet noodles because they drank the Moral Majority Kool-Aid in the 90s fractured and frustrated, giving the overall impression of wet noodles?

An opposition party whose leadership seems to be losing their minds? (McCain pro-torture? WTF!?)

A health care crisis coming to a head?

Major global problems we should be leading the charge in mending, but we’re tied up with putting out our own fires?

If you look at the path America has been on and see today we’re all still here, you may be as convinced as I am that BARACK OBAMA WAS SENT FROM GOD TO SAVE AMERICA.

Whoo! Excuse me! The GOP Manifest-Destiny Kool-Aid just looked so refreshing…


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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2 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    I think i’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid too. And not only that… I think i’ve been dreaming. Did they actually pass that bill or am I still asleep?

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