Required viewing for anyone interested in film technique. I don’t mean film technique. That makes it sound prissy. What I mean is, how what the camera does affects how the viewer feels. That one.

I left the theater reasonably satisfied. But the images stayed with me so that… no, that sounds prissy, too. What I mean is, THIS MOVIE HAUNTS MY BRAIN. The “you are there” feel of it totally worked, and improves with time. The beefs I had with the suspension of disbelief, the limits of human endurance, leaps of logic DO NOT MATTER.

I saw it. I would see it again in the theater. That is saying a lot.

Anything else would spoil it. I went in not knowing more than the trailer, and so should you. The feeling of hurtling blind into the unknown is half the fun.


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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