All Good Things Must End

Brinkster just pwned me again. Fool me twice, shame on me. I`m trying to dump the database into simple, SQL flat files (tech support’s advice: “write a script”) so I know I’ve got it before I close this account.

I`m gonna move to like Dan Shapiro recommended a year ago. In the meantime, this site’s gonna be gone.

I have a *.bak file of the SQL Server, if anyone has Enterprise and can convert this to a nice, flat SQL file to import into MySql like I shoulda done a long time ago, please let me know. Right now I`m l33t haxoring the low-level SQL interface Brinkster provides, and that’s no fun.

I hate SQL Server. But I pretty much hate a lot right now.

Save my email. I`ll be letting y`all know when I`m moved, though I`m not sure how.



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