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adj. gaping

The sight of it overtook their sense, leaving them with eyes wide and jaws hiant.



No Comments on niaiserie

n. silliness; foolish talk (French)

She took the kids’ claims of a monster in the garden as youthful niaiserie.

It’s only by accident that Halloween gets a monster. Maybe I draw a lot of monsters. At any rate, have a very happy Halloween! Here is an injection of more seasonal silliness:

skeleton dance booty smack gif.

Pumpkin Head Ghostbusters Dance gif
[Houston Chronicle]

Ray Parker Jr Ghostbusters Dancing Music Video
[Everything Action]

Who Will You Be in the Zombie Apocalypse?

Who Will you Be in the Zombie Apocalypse?

It’s back! Will you be a leader? A mercenary? A thief? Answer 20 simple questions to find out what your role will be when the dead walk and the living run:

Quiz: Who Will You Be in the Zombie Apocalypse?

This quiz first appeared in 2007, but has been exported, re-imported, re-formatted, re-written and re-a-bunch-of-stuff for your amusement.

My result this time, as ever: the Guru/Hairdresser/Masseuse. Apparently my long-term plan is to lay low and be entertaining enough to live ’til the closing credits. Now I gotta go learn how to do braids.

Some other things to get done before zombie apocalypse, aka zombocalypse:

  • Take up bowhunting
  • Get LASIK
  • Floss more
  • Stockpile nailclippers
  • Learn how to make booze, which will be currency in the Time After. Is apparently a process and requires some gear. Acquire gear. Prior to that, acquire space to store gear. Aw, forget it, just stockpile booze
  • Keep a plant alive more than three months
  • Remember how they made that solar still on 3-2-1 Contact
  • Check my earthquake kit, ’cause I’m pretty sure that trail mix is stale
  • Befriend Ving Rhames