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   Who Will You Be in the Zombie Apocalypse?

We are ten to fifteen years away from a zombie apocalypse. What your profession will be once global warming and/or peak oil unravel the industrial world?

Q1) On your way to an important appointment, you find you're locked out of your car in your own driveway. What do you do?

Cancel the appointment and call AAA
Call a friend for a ride; deal with the car later
Go the the mechanic next door and make hound-dog eyes
Call a cab
Find your crowbar and coathanger -- you know the drill
Um -- get the spare key from inside the house? How hard was that?

Q2) Have you ever been in a fight?

Yes, but not since I was twelve
Yes, since I was twelve
At every opportunity

Q3) What's your idea of a pleasant Sunday afternoon?

Crossword puzzle
Long walk
Sit somewhere and people-watch
Putter around the house with the significant other
Outing with the family
Brunch with a friend

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