Give Relief to East Africa


I know I talk about the TSA a lot.

I also know it’s the not most important issue in the world.

This is important.

With more than 1,000 refugees arriving here every day, Dadaab is becoming overcrowded and insanitary. The camp director told me there could soon be half a million people here – more a city than a refugee camp.

Many of the new arrivals have walked for days or weeks to get here, desperate to escape not only from the drought in Somalia but also its endless civil war.

The children especially are malnourished and dehydrated when they finally get here. The tragic irony is that some of them will die within a day or so of their arrival.

Horn of Africa Drought – “A Vision of Hell”

Donate to Oxfam East Africa Relief

Please give. What you give will go a long, long, long way.


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