Game of Thrones Lyrics

Here they are. I hope to make a recording of these that is not at all ridiculous:

(opening triplets)

Cast Mark Strong as Stannis! and
Dinklage needs the Emmy! and
Make Brienne not too hot! and
give us more of Jamie!

Tonks makes homelessness kind of sexy
Hodor’s hodor can really brave a chill
Fremen zombies haunt the Night’s Watch
Cersei’s choice in men will make you ill

See Water-Bender breast-feed baby raptors!
See who gets the upper hand on Lysa!

winter is coming
it totally owns
at the game…
the game of thrones

Come next spring
everyone will know
who wins the game…
the game of thrones


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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