ComicCon 2009 Timeline: Friday

OMG Deadpool!


7:30 AM – Picked up by Drew (Random_Tangent). Have never left apartment so early.

8:30 AM – Board Amtrak to San Diego. No security, no metal detectors, no problem walking around whenever you want. Develop monster crush on trains.

10:00 AM – Drew gets cheese, fruit, Stone IPA from cafe car. Drew develops monster crush on trains.

10:15 AM – With eeePC and headphones, start watching “Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets” Rifftrax. Realize people passing by will think we are watching it sincerely and believe we are nerds. Then remember we are nerds.

11:30 – Disembark in San Diego. Hop a cab to the Sheraton at Symphony Hall. Discover 1) hotel is madd nice, 2) a room is ready, 3) hotel is on a shuttle line to the convention center. Win fifty times.

Noon – Walk out of hotel room in costume but without confirmation printouts. Still — better that we both forgot at the same time so as to share the shame.

Waiting for the bus

12:30 – At convention center, before even getting off the bus, spot Dichen Lachman. Repress urge to shout “WOOT!” at her.

12:31 – Step off bus. Get picture taken, due to being in costume. This will happen a lot.

12:40 – Pick up badges. Staff tolerant, despite our not knowing what the heck we’re doing. This will also happen a lot.

1:00 PM – Arrive in exhibitors’ hall. Become completely overstimulated.

1:30 PM – Stop by to harass Cat Staggs, artist and illustrator who was just inducted into the 501st due to general badassery. She gives us some art books for free. We don’t deserve it.

4:00 PM – Rock on over to the Marriott to give blood. Despite many other madly fun shenanigans, this still favorite part of trip.


6:30 PM – Drink a bunch of fluids after giving blood.

7:30 PM – Attend Totally Rad Show panel.

8:30 PM – Cannot retain bunch of fluids any longer. Totally Rad Show panel still ongoing. Try to leave discreetly during segment break. Cannot, due to being dressed as Supergirl. Fortunately TRS guys are amused.

10:00 PM – Retire to hotel to change. Due to wearing 4 non-breathable layers in San Diego all day, Drew has salt waves.


Order some room service because we sorta forgot to eat since the train. EWPS.

10:30 PM – Head out to TRS after-party at Tivoli. Espy Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh. Refrain from shouting “WOOT!” at them. JUST BARELY.

Sidebar: It must be strange to be famous, and have your famous face with you everywhere you go, even to Ralph’s to get some cheese slices, with some people coming up to you but even more standing on the fringes just barely stifling the urge to shout “WOOT.” I’m sure it is fun for a while but eventually it’s gotta be like “DAG JUST LET A BROTHER GET SOME CHEESE SLICES.”


Meet up with Tiki Bar TV community friends and trade costume stories. Comedy. Gold.

Midnight – Roll back to the hotel. Stop by 7-11 to get snax0rs — O California I love the way your 7-11s have protein bars — and collapse in little piles for serious serious sleeping.



Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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6 Responses

  1. Tory says:

    0) Train rox0red my sox0rs.

    1) I wish I’d paid attention to how he did those claws.

    2) Boner is a fun word.

  2. glenn says:

    Dude’s claws look better than in the ones in the movie.

  3. Your Anomalous Fan says:

    Oddly enough, I *also* have a “Big Boner for Felicia Day.”

    It’s not nationally recognized yet, but I’m starting a petition.

  4. glenn says:


  5. Sarah says:

    You’re both adorable, and I’m so jealous! Btw, I have a big boner for Felicia Day.

  6. Adri says:

    That sounds like an awesome day! Next year I want to take the train down too… seems like fun!

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