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Comic-Con 2009: Nerd Baptism

Comic-Con 2009: Nerd Baptism published on 4 Comments on Comic-Con 2009: Nerd Baptism

Details to come as soon as I get home and do some serious serious uploading. Until then, be aware that this totally happened:

I knew there was a reason God made me so top-heavy

I know not who Power Girl was — only that I all but tackled her at the top of the escalator in order to get my picture with her.

As you can tell from my poo-eating grin, I had a pretty frippin’ good time.

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Lance, she’s called “Supergirl” because… she’s a girl. The first few incarnations of her character all appeared alongside a young Clark Kent who was referred to as Superboy and not Superman. Superboy was a retro look at the already-established Superman character, but because Supergirl was introduced as a teenage character, she was never allowed to “grow up.” Her character in later incarnations appeared more of a 20s-ish woman, but retained the Supergirl name.

Yes, I am a tremendous nerd.

When the Flickr blog featured comic con yesterday, I clicked through on one of the pictures and kept clicking hoping to see dragon con levels of costume madness, but didn’t expect to find pictures of someone I know dressed as a Supergirl. (Why is this character’s name not Super Woman? I assumed that there must be a separate SW character, but found only a few references after as many as 30 seconds searching the web.) I shared the photos with a couple of mutual acquaintances, but I stopped after a couple because I wasn’t getting the “OMGWTF it’s crazy that the world is so small, you know?” response I expected. I guess I was just hoping to re-live the absurdity of the moment, but it’s true what they say (that you can’t recreate absurdity by showing friends pictures of people they know dressed as comics characters).

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