Blackout – 1st Act, Creative Commonsed


If anybody needs a first act for a zombie movie, here’s one:

A few months ago, I was flying into RDU at night. I had fallen asleep (plane = Tory coma a la Langoliers) and woke up just in time to see the city lights as we were landing. They were so wonderful and small. Tiny streetlights and houses. Tiny headlights streaming to their destinations. I was studying them and studying them…

Then KA-BOOM BOOM! The power went out in a huge block! Headlights still going, but everything else got wiped black, FOOM — like it had disappeared off the planet.

Then KA-BOOM BOOM. Another block went out, further away — almost to the horizon.

I thought for a moment I had hallucinated it. Then I saw it FOONK back on a moment and then FOONK back off.

Woh. That was krez.

Now, for movie purposes, you could maybe add to the power outage HEADLIGHTS INEXPLICABLY SWERVING INTO EACH OTHER.

What are the odds you’d be looking out the plane window at the exact moment the power went out? If you were Demi Moore playing a single mom who was flying home from seeing her son off at college, and the power had gone out because of zombies, and the rest of the movie was your quest to find out if he was still alive, that answer is VERY GOOD.

I just want to see my son.
I just want to see my son again. Who’s away at college. But possibly eaten by zombies.


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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