Skepticism vs. Gullibility

therandomtangent: this would be cool if it were real
ShandasRobots: sweet
ShandasRobots: it is the kind of cool that is still cool even tho fake
ShandasRobots: I would have believed if you had not said
ShandasRobots: I am deliciously gullible
therandomtangent: well
therandomtangent: I’m assuming it’s fake
therandomtangent: smells like Nike
ShandasRobots: THAT IS SO FONNY
ShandasRobots: YOU AND ME
therandomtangent: Well, there’s only one other video
therandomtangent: and it’s the same thing with a soccer ball
therandomtangent: but the first shot she puts the ball down logo facing camera
therandomtangent: And the basketball also has big nike logo
therandomtangent: and all the shoes are nike
therandomtangent: and all the balls look the same
therandomtangent: which is weird since you’d think they’d need about 20
ShandasRobots: heh heh hheh
ShandasRobots: Your skepticism is so delicious
ShandasRobots: It tastes like Ritz Bits
therandomtangent: PB or cheez?
ShandasRobots: My gullibility is like Cool Whip
ShandasRobots: PB I think
ShandasRobots: I think you could put my gullibility on your skepticism
ShandasRobots: and pass out from trashlicious
therandomtangent: haha
therandomtangent: gross.


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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