What Makes a Movie Sexist?

I thought this post at PunkAssBlog was kind of awesome:

Q4: Is an action movie where the female co-lead must ever be rescued by the male co-lead sexist?
A4: No. People rescue each other all the time (in varying degrees of course) and as far as I know there’s no gender test you have to pass first to be the rescuer or the rescuee. I personally have sort of been rescued by men before, even.

Q5: Is an action movie where a female character has sex and/or a relationship and/or wants to have sex and/or a relationship with the male lead who treats her anywhere from indifferently to disrespectfully to abusively, sexist?
A5: No. Unfortunately this happens often enough in real life.

Q6: Is an action movie that treats all the secondary female characters in it as completely one-dimensional, sexist?
A6: No, since all the male secondary characters are usually also completely one-dimensional.

Q7: Is an action movie that takes place in a historical setting and has no female characters at all other than a few non-speaking or barely speaking parts sexist?
A7: Not if there really weren’t any women around during that time frame performing events significant to the plot, no (for example, a movie taking place on an 18th century British naval vessel).

Well, then, if all THOSE don’t make a movie particularly sexist, more so than just the culture it’s reflecting, then what DOES..?

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