Name a Sneefy Movie Moment. Survey Says…

For class I had to write a thing about the scene in a movie that made me want to make movies. Casablanca? Citizen Kane perhaps? Oh no. The zing moment for me was in Edward Scissorhands where the little girl says “You cud have seen him. You still cud go.” OH SNEEF. Bring on the sneef. I mean, what kind of power does a movie have when it builds and builds and all it has to do is show you a little girl stuffed in a huge bed saying “you still cud go” and then SHA-POW waterworks.

So you’re saying the same guy who played this character played Gilbert Grape, Ed Wood and Jack Sparrow? So how many Academy Awards has he won by now? NONE?! (Insert spit take. Interrobang!)

There are lots of good examples of “you still cud go”:

  • Forrest Gump asking Jenny, �Is he smart?�
  • Tom Hanks� character in Castaway saying to Helen Hunt (as he returns her watch; �It belongs in your family.� OH FRICK.
  • Djimon Hounsou�s character burying Maximus� clay figures at the end of Gladiator and saying, �We�ll meet again. But not today.� I AM DYING OF SNEEF.
  • Titanic is so stuffed with them I can’t pick: the Irish mother tucking in her kids, the elderly couple on the bed as the room fills with water, Victor Garber�s character setting the clock on the fireplace, Jack’s his �you�re going to have lots of babies� speech, Jack’s death, old Rose dropping the necklace, and, of course, the fantasy sequence reunion at the Titanic staircase. Dying. Of. Sneef.

So today’s question, what line or tiny moment in a movie just plowed you down? Like, Aragorn bowing to the hobbits at the end of ROTK plowed. Totally plowed.

Hey, remember that time I forgot how Monster’s Inc. ended and got sneefed up all over again like it was the first time? That movie was awesome.


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35 Responses

  1. :NS: says:

    Slowly making my way through the archives, but this one really made me think. I don`t tend to get emotionally involved in movies, but there are several that have gotten me. One is the reuniting scene in “Meet the Parents”. Anybody that still wants to get married after all that has a love that I want in my marriage, when I finally get married.

  2. supremegoddessofall says:

    the “forrest gump” “is he smart or is he like me?” line gets me *every* time. like i can just time the tears…good stuff
    the bit in “the laramie project” where the guy is talking about the parade and says something like “i`m glad i got to see this in my lifetime
    the bit in “bicentennial man” at the end where they say that he is the oldest living human being
    “and the band played on” often does it to me during the end montage
    lee says all of “boys don`t cry”

  3. Maya says:

    I have to agree on the Bicentennial Man bit… The Wizard of Oz… Nough said… Catch Me If You Can… That whole sequence when Leo was looking in on his mere and her family. There are a couple more, but I cry at them `cause my life sucks and they are reminders of that sucktivity. 😉

  4. Maya says:

    OH! Finding Nemo! The beginning sequence and when Marlin thought Nemo was dead!

  5. Maya says:

    I am such a dork… I must add The Lion King… Moo-faa-saaaaaah`s death.

  6. megan says:

    LOTR has so many i won`t even bother. i was a big blubbering mess everytime i watched ROTK. but my all-time biggest emotional overload moment is the In Your Eyes scene from Say Anything. my GAWD that plows me. a close second is my new favorite, Eternal Sunshine. the whole scene where he`s remembering the first time they met, from where she says what are you going to do and he says enjoy it, up until where the house falls apart…that`s so incredibly beautiful, it kills me. i`m sure i`ll think of tons more later, but i`ll just leave it at those two for now.

  7. megan says:

    ok, i gotta 2nd the lion king thing. except my sneef part is where he climbs pride rock at the end and the music builds…

  8. Angie says:

    Amelie, when she freaks out near the end, and the guy she`s been stalking is suddenly there, and she`s all crying and he`s all understanding, and…. Major Sneefage.

  9. F.A.Y. says:

    I get teary-eyed at the beginning of chick flicks because i`m thinking “oh crap, i`m missing the (sport) game for this”.

  10. rearly says:

    There`s the sneef moment for every guy ever … the game of catch between Kevin Costner and his Dad at the end of Field of Dreams. – Of course, Stephen Spielberg is the king of sneef. The moment that gets me more than any others though is that moment in Schindler`s List where he grabs the pin on his coat and realizes that the value of that pin could have bought one more person`s life. Oh overwhelming piles of sneef exploding out of every pore!

  11. Kelli says:

    Steel Magnolias – when Sally Field is at the cemetery telling her friends that she should`ve gone first. That whole movie is Sneef, but that scene in particular makes me bawl. I also have to agree with Megan about Say Anything and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Speaking of recent movies, Lost in Translation – at the end when Bill Murray whispers in Scarlett Johanson`s ear. This was fun!

  12. heckling partner says:

    The Best Years of Our Lives is about three military guys trying to adjust to their families and life after WWII, one of whom lost his hands in the war so now has hooks for hands. And he comes home and his girl-next-door fiance still loves him OMG so much, but he`s all emotionally broke, and then finally at the end of the movie he lets her help him get ready for bed (which he can`t do by himself b/c of the hooks), and he realizes she doesn`t mind the hooks and he (finally! finally!!!) puts his arms around her. Holy frip the sneefage. I`ve seen it a skillion times and I go a-sneefing every time. Actually now I do it starting ten minutes before it comes up, because I know it`s coming. So good.

  13. supremegoddessofall says:

    seconded on steel magnolias – another one of my all-time favorite movies

  14. shestumbledin says:

    I`ll 2nd The Best Years of Our Lives. Oh My! And then after I saw it for the first time, I found out that the guy who lost his hands, really DID lose his hands in the war.. it`s a killer. To be honest, I`m a huge crybaby, it really doesn`t take much to turn me into a quivering mass of humanity. I can think of dozens of scenes where I lose it and I`m usually humiliated because it doesn`t mean that the filmmaker did anything special, it means I`m a wuss. Just last night I saw 8 Mile and when that one dog says, “Fuck Lickity”. Word. Today we`re seeing Team America — I`ll make sure I`ve got lots of tissues. On a more serious note, if you haven`t seen Pieces of April, do. It`s a great little flick.

  15. Flonkbob says:

    Oh fer-cryin-on-concrete! Steel Magnolia`s was NOT a sneefin` movie! I was so bored with the self-absorbed that I was hoping they`d all be feeding worms at the end. But ROTK slew me, just utterly slew me. It`s not manly to cry at a movie, so it`s a damn good thing I`m not buying into that whole he-man schtick and my wife doesn`t mind…pass the kleenex, hell with that gimme a beach towel…

  16. Flonkbob says:

    Oh, and Gladiator, *snif*, thhat ttoo.

  17. Alena says:

    I third Steel Magnolias. It`s on my All Time Best Movies list. Sneefy, yes, but what I love is that while the movie will make you want to bawl, they`ll throw in some humor to make you laugh through your tears (i.e. graveyard scene). Flonkbob, if you`re a dude, no one expects you to like this movie, due to its high chick-movie factor. Another one is Fried Green Tomatoes, that movie tugs at my heartstrings in so many ways, most sneefy is the scene where Ruth dies and Idgy is telling her one last story — OMG, makes me wanna cry. Sadly, I am fairly easy to invoke sneefage (like sometimes I get teary-eyed over a commercial or song), so I won`t bore you with the large number of movies that play me like a well-tuned violin.

  18. Kelli says:

    I second Fried Green Tomatoes! The whole movie get me everytime.

  19. Tory says:

    Okay. Last night at school the prof showed us “Man and Dog,” which won the best documentary short subject Academy Award for 1999. It`s about a county animal control officer — the dude who has to catch stray dogs and eventually destroy them. Single most painful experience in a movie theater. There was one moment when a family called for Duke, the dog they wanted to get rid of, and eventually Duke obeyed and came to the animal control officer very trusting and submissive. Then the dude picks up Duke in his arms to take him to the truck, and Duke`s little tail is wagging and wagging because he`s very confused but trusting and he doesn`t know where he`s going.

    There is also when the dude is loading the dogs into the chamber to be gassed, and the dogs that are in there are trying to get out, and he`s very gently pushing them back in. Then you see the chamber and hear the sounds the dogs make as they`re dying, because it`s not a painless death. Then you see the dude reopen the c

  20. Tory says:

    …the chamber and put puppies down on the bodies of the adult dogs. Then he turns the gas dial again.

    My eyes are still puffy from crying. Some dudes walked out. I went home and played with Jake the Dog for a long long time.

    Please spay or neuter your pets and ride your friends` asses to do the same. All it takes is one mistake and then there are 6 or 8 new dogs that have to die or have dogs die in their place.

  21. KahluaDiva says:

    I`m with Maya on Nemo. The first time I saw it, I couldn`t get past the first scene. I literally turned the DVD off and went and bawled on the coach. cursing my mom for not telling me about the first scene! Couldn`t really rock Lion King, never understood the hoopla, and film in Africa with no people in it. Mulan? People. Aladdin? People. Pocahontas? People whitewashed. I don`t do too many Disney movies. And Thelma and Louise when they clasp hands. And Amistad, “give us free.” But major sneefarama: Dangeous Liaisons, “it is beyond my control.” MUCH better than Valmont.

  22. tom hanks says:

    The scene in Philadelphia where Denzel`s character has the Tom Hanks character remove his shirt to show his lesions. By the way, how did Antonio Banderas start out so good and go so far downhill?

  23. Cristiane says:

    For me, the “Best Years of Our Lives” moment that kills is when Fredric March (the older man) comes home, first sees his kids and tells them to be quiet, then you see Myrna Loy in the kitchen making dinner. She realizes that something is going on, and it dawns on her that he`s come home. Their embrace just floods me with tears. Another reunion, Paul Winfield and Cicely Tyson in “Sounder,” is another killer. Don`t remember the rest of the movie much, but that one scene is a classic.

  24. SmartAlec says:

    The scene that kills me even to remember is from “Of Mice and Men”. It`s when Lenny and George are running away from the cops. They stop and George asks Lenny to tell him about the farm they`ve been dreaming about. Lenny does, and as he`s talking about the rabbits George kills him. He knew they`d never have that farm, not after what Lenny did. He wanted him to leave this world in a happy place, their farm with all the rabbits Lenny could take care of. Tell me about the farm Lenny, tell me about the farm.

  25. SmartAlec says:

    Oh, and that scene in ROTK at the end when everyone bows broke me too. Though it didn`t take much after the part were the birds rescue Sam and Frodo. Then Frodo closes his eyes (and I`m thinking he `s dead), and opens them to see a white room ( I though it was heaven, but soon realized that wouldn`t fit, in the movie). And after a minute all the hobbits come and it`s like a reunion. I started thinking about all they`d been through and it pushed me to the edge. Then the bowing-I`m about to cry just thinking about it! Sorry about all the writing

  26. Jim says:

    Elf. I`m sneefing RIGHT now. I feel like such a girly.

  27. Farseer says:

    So is it ok to like TITANIC again? Yar? Can I come out of my bomb shelter yet?

  28. Farseer says:

    Watching FORREST GUMP now…when he`s talking to Jenny`s grave…oh, damn. Had to take a few steps back into the kitchen away from the family for a second.

  29. Michael says:

    I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to add my bit anyway. There`s an Albert Brooks movie called Defending Your Life. Brooks dies, goes to a very California version of Heaven, and has to prove that he`s overcome his fears so he can go on to “the next level” — whatever that is. The movie hammers him for being a coward for 90 minutes, then at the end…it`s my favorite movie.

  30. supremegoddessofall says:

    defending your life is one of my all-time favorite movies. if that`s what happens when we die, it would be pretty damn cool…

  31. Tidbits says:

    In The Little Princess… when her father finally comes back from the hospital, and she`s living in this evil orphanage, he doesn`t know her… and she`s crying “daddy… daddy” …. i sneef so hard that if i`m not careful snot comes flyin` out my nose. so there.

  32. ZGL says:

    sorry to revive an old thread. Big Fish got me. The reunion at the end of Titanic gets me. Eternal Sunshine got me. But more than that: Moulin Rouge, when Satine dies… I think about how I would feel if I lost the man I loved so dearly, and the sneefing cannot be stopped.

  33. Anonymous says:

    can I agree on the Titanic thing? Especially the old couple. I tend to think of that one right out of the blue. I can also agree with moulin rouge, although that movie is like constant sneef for me. The end of garden state. Lots. Lots lots lots. Great list, though.

  34. Tory says:

    They just put this topic up as a survey on ( and just reading about these got the eyes stinging. I can`t believe I forgot them:
    Johnny 5 getting beat up in Short Circuit 2.
    The “Jurassic Bark” episode of Futurama — the one where Fry decides whether to reanimate his dog. Jesus, I`m getting misty right now! That episode MESSED ME UP.
    Hang on, there`s another one but I can`t remember allova sudden…

  35. Tory says:

    On an unrelated note, they screened “It Came From Hollywood” at school, which is legitimately funny, but more than thirty seconds of Gilda Radner had the waterworks starting. Eeeeee.

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