What`s Happening to Star Wars? Survey Says…

Okay. I was innocently reading reviews on Rotten Tomatoes when I saw some gossip briefs about Star Wars: Episode III. Oh what the crap…

  • Gary Oldman plays a robotic character called “General Grievous.” At one point he gets in a fist-fight with Ewan MacGregor. Okay. “Darth Sidious” and even “Darth Tyranus” I can get behind. Not even “Count Dooku” bothers me. But “General Grievous”? In a movie? Is this Mighty Morphin Star Wars? Hrm — he’s not listed on IMDb, so maybe I`m full of crap.
  • It’s got a lot of Maori in it. A LOT. Keisha Castle-Hughes, even. Now, you know about me and the Pacific Islanders, but isn’t this really jarring? Especially since there’s only one non-white dude anywhere from Episode IV to Episode VI. Did the Empire Ceausescu everybody? I don’t know if Jar Jar and genocide belong in the same movie.
  • There are Wookiees. Apparently they are not digital. Rock.

Today’s question is, what is going on with Star Wars? What’s the buzz? Is anyone else scared?


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33 Responses

  1. Sabacthani says:

    I feel the burning, spiteful apathy that only a former die-hard fan can know. I used to own an AT-AT. I was battery powered, and…

  2. Anonymous says:

    it`s just a movie. the originals were classics, but these new ones theyve been making dont appeal to me. i think i only watched the first one of the new ones, and/or the one with jar ajr “and/or both” and they [intensive adjective] suck. especially the jarjar one. [vulgar verb] jar jar`s creator

  3. ChaosFaerie says:

    George Lucas had a really good idea with the first trilogy. Return of the Jedi, was slightly cheesy, but permissable. Then, over the years, people developed his original brainchild into an ever-expanding universe of charaters and races. He doesn`t know how to handle that big of a , so he has to resort to cheesy special effects, bad romance plotlines(side note: did anyone else think “The Sound of Music” in the meadow scene in episode 2?), and names that make twelve year old smartasses giggle.

  4. RedReplicant says:

    George Lucas has too much money now– he`s crazy like a fox and nobody can stop him. He`s never been good at controlling his creations. He needs somebody else to direct and edit him. Star Wars is a lost cause. General Grevious… at least we didn`t get “Darth Nnocuous”

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