What Harry Potter Cribbed from Lord of the Rings

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I realize there’s nothing new under the sun–Tolkien himself borrowed from Norse mythology. At the same time, the more I review the Harry Potter books, the more I see the echoes of J.R.R. Below is what Harry Potter cribbed from Lord of the Rings.

Considering I`m only, like, part of the way through The Two Towers, these are just the ones I’ve found so far.

Entity Harry’s version Frodo’s version
Devoted, lower-class sidekick Samwise Ron
Dangerous, grasping willow tree Whomping willow The one that Tom Bombadil rescues Pippin and Merry from
Long-haired and -bearded wizard mentor/protector whose apparent feebleness belies his wizardly power Dumbledore Gandalf
Evil being who was banished but not destroyed, who is slowly regaining power and regrouping his army and is often referred to as “he-who-must-not-be-named/whose-name-we-dare-not-speak” Voldemort Sauron
Permanent forehead scar Harry’s Merry’s
Troll unleashed by enemy Mountain Cave
Character who could be portrayed by Robbie Coltrane Hagrid Gimli

For good measure, here’s some stuff ripped off from The Black Cauldron.

Oddly cute creature almost annoying in his devotion to the protagonist, who refers to himself in the third person Dobby Gurgi
Animal assistant with name that sounds like “Henwig” Hedwig Henwen
John Hurt as Mr. Ollivander The Horned King


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