Where’s the Ball?

Where’s the Ball?

Con artists Motte and Bailey make an ork pay for lunch.


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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2 Responses

  1. Tory says:

    Ha ha ha. I will get my caboose in gear.

    I did end up catching the high frame rate, and it was mighty weird on the live action stuff, but all the digital monsters and things weren’t weird, like the eyeball has totally different expectations for a live-action human versus a digitally animated goblin. Anyhoo this article about frame rates was mighty interesting:


    It’s good to hear from you and I hope you are representing red and yellow thoroughleeeee. Keepitup keepitup keepitup!

  2. hector reyes says:

    What up pimpin’! Not to be a pushy anonymouse follower of your blog, but I will be, where is The Hobbit Movie Review? After your Prometheus breakdown, and I mean I broke down, I was ready for a Tory Pimp Slap of some new hollywood lore. I personally liked it, the fluffing at the beginning really didn’t get me as hot for the action that followed as it should have, but once the midget entourage got their adventure on, I was engaged! I didn’t watch the 3D version, so no clue how the sports TV setting enhances or cripples the medium. It’s no Man with the Iron Fists, a RZA cornucopia of train wrecks (I genuinely liked it, but half of it was left on the cutting room floor, whotf is that guy?), but I’m looking forward to part deux! Hope it makes it on your plate, if not, happy holidays to you and your sister, big up LHS Devilpups, represent!!!

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