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The Jersey Devil – Post-Mortem

The Jersey Devil – Post-Mortem published on No Comments on The Jersey Devil – Post-Mortem

I learned a lot from this project. I hesitate to list them, because if I say something like “I learned how to draw trees” that implies that I’m done now, and I am awesome at drawing trees. No no no. I am better than when I started, and I have different strategies where I used to have none. Bob Ross is not going to give me a medal.

I learned a little bit about word bubbles, but I’m still not happy with how I’m doing them. I either need a new strategy or to get used to taking more time with them. I don’t want to take more time with them, so I think word bubbles in pill form would be ideal.

I learned it’s good to finish pages out of order, so they don’t have a steady march of improvement from start to finish, unless that is appropriate to the story and content reflecting theme and OMG GODEL ESCHER BACH!

I learned that giving a project a few regular hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays is much more effective than trying to crank the whole thing out in a week of vacation.

I learned it’s worth the time investment to break out a ruler the next time I’m drawing houses, but probably I’m just going to set the next story in a dense fog.

Here’s about how long it took:

Writing/Rough Draft 5 pg/hour 9 hours
Pencil 1 pg/45 min   34 hours
Ink 1 pg/45 min 34 hours
Gray and Black (“Color”) 3 pg/hr 15 hours
Scan, Process, Lettering   5 pg/hr 9 hours
Total 101 hours

Thanks for reading. Once again, you are the difference between me and Henry Darger, and I appreciate it.

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