LA Weather


What you have heard about weather in LA is lies. Hot, bitter lies.

I don’t mind the rain — especially when curled up with a warm soft dog in the wee small minutes before the alarm goes off. It’s just that…

Nevermind. I like the rain.


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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2 Responses

  1. Tory says:

    Ha ha ha! But as weather stories go I will never forget yours about Notre Dame where your tears would freeze in your eyes. That is the all-time topper.


    I still sleep in the Notre Dame boxers you gave me.

  2. KT says:

    That kind of reminds me of the way Leo describes the weather in San Diego: ten months of awesome, two months of rain. (Yes, the rainy season was December-January.) It still beats the pants off Chicago.

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