Sudden Headache

Lookin’ for some advice. I’ve felt a mite unwell over the last week — feverish, muscle aches, leetle bit of sore throat on and off, and I dunno if I had fatigue but I sure did sleep a lot — but it felt like I had kicked it.

Day before yesterday and today I got a sudden, pretty decent headache — like mebbe a 6 on the pain scale, just enough to be interesting. I had spent the previous part of those days in two separate locations, doing two different non-stressful things.

There can’t be any change in diet, except for the introduction of Cherry Coke 0 on those two days. I eat a lot of Splenda in general, so that seems unlikely.

Stroke or meningitis seems unlikely also, cos I’m still alive.

In both cases I took a couple painkillers with a lot of water, and the headache left pretty quick, although I felt feverish and achy again.

It’s entirely possible I just have a low-grade bug I’m kicking.

It’s also possible I’m just dumb dehydrated. It’s dry out here — dry, I tell you! I will try drinking more waters.

Whaddaya think? Advice?


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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4 Responses

  1. Tory says:

    Eeeee! Dang. Duly noted, though, as I consume A LOT of artificial sweetener.

  2. Carol says:

    I would also be leery of the Coke (although of course it could be other things). Both Splenda and aspartame give me horrible headaches (and didn’t always).

  3. Coke zero has Aspartame. I think only that coke that has Splenda is that special splenda diet coke that tastes better than diet coke, but not actually good.

  4. Sarah says:

    Could be your body adjusting to the higher pollution levels. (Don’t worry, the air is poisoning you very slowly.) Could just be the flu. Could be some sort of weird unknown new virus that seems like the flu at first but then they find out later after you’ve died that it’s a highly contagious government bred bug meant to be used as a military weapon. Try to make it through Halloween. I double dog dare you to get the Spongebob Costume.

    PS. I have loose plans to move to Denver after I’m done with school. Go me.

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