Cast of “Firefly”

The fates are conspiring to rile me up about the upcoming Serenity movie. It all started with recognizing Morena Baccarin in that Secret pit stick commercial three weeks ago. Since then, through just vague channel surfing, I’ve espied:

  • Nathan Fillion as the wrong Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan.

    Whose howwwwse? Ryan’s howwwwwse…

    My head about sploded. It’s about to splode more as I see on IMDb he was Caleb in Buffy’s 7th season, which was shortly after I started watching it (I`m a late bloomer) and OMG he was so evil I can’t believe I didn’t realize that was him! BWA!

    I will sacrament yo` ass!

    Hey, wait. He used to be on “One Life to Live.” Nothing wrong with soaps, `cause if you can act on a soap, you can act anywhere (plus I remember when Sarah Michelle Gellar was Kendall; but you’ve got to see this picture. Note how the bangs weigh down his head:

    DP got a little nuts with the gels here

  • Ron Glass in the Rashomon-style “All in the Family” where Meathead, Archie and Edith have conflicting recollections of two repairmen that came to fix the refrigerator. He was all stretched and bebe-faced and plays what are really three characters with this inimitable if-you-saw-me-at-a-party-you`d-totally-sit-next-to-me Ron Glassedness. Ron Glass rules. Plus he kills at “Family Feud.”

    Image stolen from Sitcoms Online

  • Alan Tudyk as a German Abba geek in 28 Days. No-o-o, not “28 Days Later,” because then I wouldn’t have had to watch 20 minutes of predictable Viggo-Sandra romance just to confirm whether I just saw Alan Tudyk in the background right there RIGHT THERE did you see that?

    As I`m scoping out his IMDb listing I see he was also in

    • An episode of “Arrested Development” I haven’t seen — damn this school thing for cramping my TV-watching style!
    • Some voices in Ice Age — wot wot wot?
    • A lot of stuff I haven’t gotten around to seeing, like Dodgeball and A Knight’s Tale, and stuff I`m not likely to see unless similarly surfing by it on TV, like Patch Adams and I, Robot.

      If I`d known this was happening, I mighta gone to see it

      Ah, the perils of being a good character actor!

  • I didn’t see Adam Baldwin in anything lately, which is actually a statistical improbability, because he is in EVERYTHING. When I saw him in “Firefly,” I was like, hey, is that Krycek? No, he’s not Krycek, though he did have a recurring role on “X-Files” and apparently I`m easily confused. I did spell “Krycek” right on the first try, which is a little scary.

    Not Krycek

  • I also haven’t seen Gina Torres in anything lately, but I don’t have to, because her performance as the end of days Big Bad in “Angel” is BURNED INTO MY MIND FOREVER. Then there’s “Hercules,” and “24,” and “Alias.” She was no slouch in “Cleopatra 2525,” either, which may or may not have shared a back-to-back action pack with my beloved “Jack of All Trades.” Heh heh RAWK.

    Also approximately 14 feet tall

Speaking of seeing people in unexpected things, I saw Jeremy Piven in a weak-ass episode of the new “Twilight Zone,” which was painful because it had 1) Olivia D`abo in it, who will always be the mark of the B despite being way better than Katie Holmes, and 2) Jeremy Piven giving everything he’s got to stre-e-e-etch the 25 minute plot into an hour. He is like a sexed-up Paul Giamatti, or the Adam Baldwin of comedy. Discuss.

Anyway, as the Piven finally gets some credit in “Entourage,” I remember my first established OMG-I-like-Jeremy-Piven moment (not that his work in One Crazy Summer goes unnoticed) was some kind of celebrity stunt show where he was going to sumo rassle with a real sumo rassler. He was high-energy and self-effacing, and prolly him talking to the camera was the best part of the show. Then he described himself as “160 pounds soaking wet,” and I larfed, because I was 160 lbs bone-ass dry. Heh heh heh BLACK WIDOW!

And I saw Billy Zane on “Charmed.” That was weird. Like, s`up, I was in Dead Calm, where da donuts?

If you don’t care about TV, here’s a picture of a dog riding a horse I stole from the UK Sun.

If this doesn’t make you happy, something is broke


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4 Responses

  1. Carol says:

    Don`t forget Nathan Fillion in “Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place,” a series I loved, `tho I don`t know if anyone is doing reruns of it. Adam Baldwin (Jayne) is now in the series “The Inside” (looked that up to confirm it and there is a picture of him SMILING – well, sort of). Glad these people are keeping busy! And you are right about the dog-and-pony picture, thanks!

  2. Tory says:

    Heh heh — “Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place” was underrated. I distinctly remember a Halloween episode that was pretty good/strange (like the Halloween ep of “My Sister Sam” with the crazy taxidermy lady OMG retro!) Other good people getting shows this fall: David Boreanaz on “Bones” and Nicholas Brendon in “Kitchen Confidential,” which looks INSANE.

  3. F.A.Y. says:

    Nathan Fillion looks like Jason Bateman, especially with the bowl cut in Buffy.

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