When the turkey runs out

;[The One and
Only Goddess posted this before
Thanksgiving, but only now am I releasing it
into the world. Yeah, I`m that weak. – T]

I have invented a new game. Try it
this Thanksgiving [or New Year’s Day, or
Arbor Day, or whenever – T] after your
cousin Jethro just told you about the boil
he had drained, aunt Thelma ran off with the
friend you brought to dinner, and your
little brother Chucky threw up the whole
pumpkin pie he tried to eat. I promise you,
you`ll feel better.

Kim’s Rules
for “Drinking Trivial Pursuit:”

1) Forget the
board. Just pour all the little pieces out
on a table.

2) Divy up the cards.

3) Grab a beer per person (refill as needed).

4) Take turns asking each other a whole
card’s worth of questions.

5) For each question you get right, your
opponent takes a swig of beer, and you get a
colored piece corresponding to that

6) When you run out of pieces for a color,
the question for that color still gets
asked, and if you get it right your opponent
still drinks, but no piece is given.

7) When you run out of pieces altogether,
count the number of pieces by which the
leader is ahead. The loser(s) has to take
that many swigs.

8) Repeat with as many rounds as necessary
for sufficient inebriation, or until you get
to the point where by the time the end of a
question is read, you have forgotten the
beginning of the question.

9) Variation: This game can be played
with hard liquor, but you won’t get past
many cards.

10) Preferrential game ending: Your partner
on her knees on the floor, giving you head.
Caution: Not suitable for all

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    Can I just skip ahead to step 10?

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    hee. but of course!

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