Rat Race

Did you know he could make this face?
I didn’t know he could make this face.

Stuff I liked about “Rat Race”

– Amy Smart going insane.
– No towel-wrestling with the dog over the heart.
– Seth Green doesn’t drop the keys in the lake once he gets them back.
– Illegal #2 only implied.
– The Lucys are mostly female.
– I didn’t know Gloria Allred is a real lawyer. It’s funnier if you don’t.
– Low-key betting millionaires gags.
– At the beginning, only one person reads aloud the message on the prize token.
– Mr. Bean falls asleep on his feet, rather than falling over.
– Payoff of the dark lipstick on the steering wheel. Wait for it…
– Expected it to be really, really bad.


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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  1. supremegoddessofall says:

    i worship this movie. i must be bored, to be scanning 2001 archives. stupid, stupid upper respiratory blech. stupid stupid downed yahoo mail right now.

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