Meddling Auntie presents Puberty

Meddling Auntie Comics: New Release Plus Giveaway!

Meddling Auntie Comics are now on Amazon as eBooks! The series includes a brand new, harsh-truth-soothing, squirm-inducing topic: Puberty.

Meddling Auntie presents Puberty

The comics will and should always remain free and open. However people have asked for other ways to read and share them, and I aim to deliver.

Next week they’ll be available for print at Amazon CreateSpace. Follow this blog or follow me on Twitter for a chance to win both print volumes: “Bullies and Perverts” and “Puberty and Drugs.”

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meddling auntie fashion

Meddling Auntie Recants: Fashion

meddling auntie fashion

meddling auntie fashion

A couple of years ago, I made a Meddling Auntie comic about Fashion to help parents explain to daughters why they might not want them wearing tight or revealing clothing. I hoped to provide a progressive alternative to the usual “you’ll send the wrong message” and “you’ll get what’s coming to you.”

Upon reviewing this comic, I see that I failed. The comic included the following problems:


A Comic for Kids about Perverts

Perhaps you will enjoy it. It is in the comics section: Perverts