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Dear Firefox

Dear Firefox published on

Your browser is amusing for developers, but when my PC-using Mom resorts to your product because her Internet Explorer asplode, and each one of her computers manifested a separate bizarre, Google-requiring bug, that makes me mock you on the Interweb.

One was Firefox failing to remember form data because of an add-on she had enabled (something totally obscure like, you know, Flash, or Java). Apparently the solution to that is to disable Add-Ons and turn them on one-by-one to see which one is the problem.

The other — which really made me LoL — is that if you type in a text edit field in Firefox in Vista you can’t successfully enter an apostrophe or navigate with the arrow keys. An apostrophe will throw you into the quick search form at the bottom of the browser.

You would not believe the expressions you cannot use if you do not have apostrophes.

Still working on that one.


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