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5 Stages of a White Person Trying to Write a Person of Color

This article first appeared as a Chick on the Draw column Nov 7, 2014 at Luna Station Quarterly I am white. I make drawings and stories. I get some of these published. I take...

Dan Brown angel fanfic

The Five Days of Rehash – If Famous Authors Wrote Fanfic

While I am AFK this week, you may enjoy this category from the vault: If Famous Authors Wrote Fanfic. What if Dan Brown worked on his Angel headcanon? In the splendid dome of the...

The Baby Mimic in Crowded Magazine #2

The Baby Mimic in Crowded Magazine #2

Australia-based, crowd-sourced digital and print-on-demand Crowded Magazine released its second issue of speculative fiction on Saturday. The issue includes my contemporary sci-fi story “The Baby Mimic”: a couple struggling to adopt are approached for...

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