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Dead Week by Tory Hoke

Dead Week (Remastered)

Back and now mobile-friendly for your Halloween enjoyment! Evil is at the door. DEAD WEEK (Remastered): the week before final exams, college roommates face a horror they may not survive. “Dead Week” is an...

getting started with twine 2

Twine in 10 Minutes: Write Interactive Fiction Today

(This article originally appeared as a Luna Station Quarterly’s Chick on the Draw column, February 6, 2015) Think IF might be fun, but don’t know where to start? Here’s how to get hooked in...

Twine icon

In 2015, You Will Read Interactive Fiction… and Maybe Write It

This post first appeared as a Chick on the Draw Column at Luna Station Quarterly, January 9, 2015. You may not know it when it happens, because it will sneak up on you in...

Dead Week

Dead Week

I promise this is the scariest interactive horror webtoon about final exams you’ll play today. Beware of watching while alone at home. PLAY Dead Week (Tested on OSX in Chrome and Safari, and on...

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A Barbarian at the Gate: Five Ways to Protect Twine’s Village from the Coming Invasion

This article originally appeared at Storycade on October 7, 2014 I’m not the most curious pup in the litter. When Michael Lutz’s “My Father’s Long, Long Legs” hit MetaFilter last November and scorched my...

Ziva's Conjury Mart

Ziva’s Conjury Mart

Twine is a platform for making interactive fiction–stories integrated with choice, picture, and sound. It’s pretty great. I’ll explain more later, but first I made you a present: PLAY Ziva’s Conjury Mart (Tested on...

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