3 Reasons to Nominate Me for the 2014 John W. Campbell Award

John W Campbell

If you are a member of Worldcon and all dressed up for the 2014 John W. Campbell Award with no one to nominate, I submit for your consideration… me. Tory Hoke. I got three rad reasons.

1) I have no chance of winning the thing.

I mean, Hugh Howey is eligible this year. You know Wool? The runaway NYT Bestseller? The spec-fic answer to Gone Girl? He wrote that. Eligible.

Plus there’s a slew of new writers in the field with all kinds of stirring, sweeping, harrowing and upsetting-but-satisfying stories. It’s a good, dense field for a good, dense year.

Let’s just say I pose no threat to whatever candidate you are personally rooting for.

2) My Campbell-qualifying publication was edited by the best.

Baden Chant and Ethan Fode of Crowded Magazine edited “The Baby Mimic” (Issue #2, August 2013; and working with them was a treat and an education. Crowded is an Australian speculative fiction magazine that lets authors and subscribers select the content. Lucky for me they do, because an ooky contemporary sci-fi family drama like “The Baby Mimic” doesn’t fit many markets.

They also feature the highest production standards and finest art I’ve seen in a semipro ‘zine, so there’s that.

3) My work this year has something for everyone.

What the hey is a Campbell Award?

You may have some questions. This is normal and healthy.

Sponsored by Dell Magazines, the John W. Campbell Award is given to the best writer whose first work of science fiction or fantasy was published for a greater-than-nominal rate in the previous two years.

In other words, anyone who has had made their first spec-fic pro sale in the last two years is eligible for the Campbell. Writertopia is compiling the list of candidates. If you qualify, please contact them ASAP to be added to the list.

Nominations remain open until March 31, 2014.

While I don’t dream of winning, I’m enjoying being part of the process.

Put me in, coach.


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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