“The Devil in Rutledge County” accepted by LORE

Lore online magazine logo

“The Devil in Rutledge County” has been accepted for publication by LORE magazine!

LORE is the second incarnation of the award-winning imaginative fiction print magazine edited by Rod Heather and Sean O’Leary.

Launched in 1995 as a 70-page ‘zine, LORE produced nine issues over five years, winning The Deathrealm Award and Dragon’s Breath Award. Fiction published on their pages has gone on to win The Bram Stoker Award and The World Fantasy Award.

Now, after an eleven-year hiatus, LORE is back!


This flurry of acceptance these past few weeks is really pretty head-spinning.

As always, thank you to Drew, Amy, Jason and Jeremy for their time and guidance.


Draws. Sweats. Eats too much sugar-free candy.

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